Project assessment / review


The Javakheti Health Society implements the important educational project with financial support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation. The project will play a significant role in regional educational system, support environmental awareness rising, help children to be involved in nature protection activities and raise interest and love of nature.

Under the framework of the project, there are planned following activities: provide additional information through presentations, organize field activities like an “open air classes” and elaboration of the proper modules, and arrange games and competitions do practical activities like taking samples in the nature and further study at the laboratories. All these activities will enrich lessons and learning process will become more interesting, interactive and attractive for pupils of biology and geography classes.

The high quality laboratory equipments are purchased by the organization. Such kind of technical equipment helps children to become more motivated as they can do everything with their own. They can take a sample, observe, make a study, gather data, discuss and make summery and analyze them. This method will help children to increase their knowledge and develop research skills.

If we take into the consideration that according the national educational plan research skill is one of the most important skill which should be developed during the studying of natural sciences, as well as ecological literacy is a straight priority, it is clear that this project has really foremost importance. 

In addition, cooperation with Agency of Protected Areas and Javakheti Protected Areas gives further opportunity to plan practical trainings and participate in joint conferences and various environmental activities.

The project is evaluated positively, as a guidebook for practical training as well as additional materials on biodiversity will be prepared in frames of the project. Moreover, the most active participant of the project will get the laboratory equipment.

The most important will be the summary stage, where after much training, and learning new ideas, the new exercises of practical trainings collaborated by the teachers of Javakheti region will be identified, that will give the opportunity to evaluate the results of the project long-term effectiveness.